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 Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me

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Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me Empty
MesajKonu: Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me   Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me Icon_minitimePaz Mayıs 09, 2010 3:14 am

You hold my hand
And walked me home, i know
Why you gave me that kiss,
It was something like this,
It made me go oh oh.

You wiped my tears,
Got rid of all my fears,
why did you have to go?
Guess it wasn't enough,
To take up some of my love.
Guys are so hard to trust.

Did i not tell you that i'm not like that?
Girl the one who, who gives it all away.

Did you think that i was gonna give it up to you? (This time)
Did you think that it was something i was gonna do? (And cry)
Don't try to tell me what to do
Don't try to tell me what to say
You're better off that way

Don't think that your charm
And the fact that your arm is now around my neck
Will get you in my pants,
I'll have to kick your ass
Make you never forget.

I'm gonna ask to you stop,
I thought i liked you alot,
But im really upset (really upset)
Get outta my head,
Get off of my bed,
Yeah thats what i said.

Did i not tell you that i'm not like that?
Girl the one who, who throws it all away.


This guilt trip that you put me on
Won't mess me up, i've done no wrong
Any thoughts of you and me have gone away


I'm better off alone, anyway..
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Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me
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